Team: Meera, Alex, Keziah, & Izzi

Week 1

Last Tuesday, we put up community ideas into the class Mural and worked synchronously to form groups that were interested in similar communities.

I put up some ideas or personal to me such as the Buy Nothing community in my neighborhood, as well as…


For the final part of this project, we had to tell a visual story related to how/when/where our time capsule was found, 125 years into the future. I had never made anything I would consider a comic (other than UX storyboarding… which is very different from a comic). I was…


I spent some days thinking about what kind of container would add to the meaning of my items, and I ended up settling on three:

  1. An emerald-cut jewelry box
  2. A small version of my Wayuu bag
  3. A ring-inspired lid on a round container

I had some real-world inspiration for…

Isabella Montoya

Hola! Full time UX Designer, part time masters student @ NYU

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